Mountains in San Sebastian and its charms

San Sebastian, a charming city located on the northern coast of Spain, is known for its beautiful beach, delicious cuisine, and impressive architecture.

But beyond its urban attractions, San Sebastian is also home to a number of picturesque mountains that offer spectacular views and opportunities for outdoor adventure.

We will take you on a tour of the most outstanding San Sebastian mountains and we will tell you about its natural and cultural charms, just as you can enjoy them on our electric bicycle tours in San Sebastian . Get ready to discover the magic of nature in this incredible city!

Monte Urgull: one of the best known

We will start our exploration from Monte Urgull, which is located in the center of the city. This hill in San Sebastian is a historical treasure and a place that everyone must visit. The Castillo de la Mota, a military fortress built in the 12th century on top of the hill, has an impressive view of the bay of La Concha and the Old Town.

In addition to its historical importance, Monte Urgull offers scenic trails and green areas for leisurely walks. When you walk, you will be able to see the local flora, including beautiful forests and native plants.

Monte Igeldo: the most charming mountain

Monte Igeldo: the most charming mountain


Monte Igeldo is located to the west of the city. Mount Igeldo is famous within the San Sebastian mountains for its traditional amusement park and its impressive views of the Cantabrian coast. You will be able to enjoy the panoramic views of the ocean and the city while enjoying exciting attractions, food, drink and incredible rides on the different routes.

In addition to the amusement park, Monte Igeldo has nature trails that run through and around the abundant forests and meadows. If you like to walk, you can take one of the hikes to the top of the mount to enjoy impressive views of San Sebastian and its surroundings. A historic lighthouse at the top adds a romantic touch to the landscape.

If you want to enjoy while discovering nature, this is the best of the San Sebastian mountains for it.

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Monte Ulia: peace and tranquility

If you are looking for a place without pollution and to escape from the urban part, Mount Ulia is one of the mountains of San Sebastian that enjoys it the most since it is isolated and preserves its virgin forests.

This mountain is located to the east of the city of San Sebastian, which is why it offers a wide range of hiking trails that will take you to discover lush forests.

Unlike other mountains in San Sebastian, Mount Ulia is an ideal place to disconnect and reconnect with yourself, as well as offering incredible panoramic views of the Cantabrian Sea.

mount ulia Donosti


In addition, on the tour you will be able to discover some impressive coves surrounded by cliffs that will undoubtedly make you feel overwhelmed by the magic of nature. This location makes it an area of ​​breeze and waves, perfect for those who love the sea.

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Monte Adarra: the best excuse for a rural getaway

Mount Adarra is the perfect place to escape from the city in a rural environment, since it is one of the mountains of San Sebastian that has areas for lodging, lunch, camping… This mountain is located in the vicinity of San Sebastian and you can enjoy unique landscapes escaping from the usual tourism in the city of San Sebastian.

For those who enjoy longer and more challenging hikes, Mount Adarra is the perfect place. You will be amazed by the variety of local flora and fauna as you walk. You will also ascend to the top of the mountain, where you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Basque coast and the mountains that surround Mount Adarra.

In addition, this is one of the mountains with the most connection to Basque mythology due to its special characteristics. And it is that, at the top you can find a dolmen that, according to local legends, was a meeting place for Basque witches.

As you will see, the mountains in San Sebastian are natural treasures that offer a wide variety of experiences and charms.

From the history and panoramas of Monte Urgull, to the coastal beauty and attractions of Monte Igeldo, through the wild nature and tranquility of Monte Ulia, and ending with the rural getaway of Monte Adarra, these mountains are perfect for everyone. nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Explore these mountains and discover the magic of nature in San Sebastian, a city that perfectly combines natural beauty with its urban charm, which you can discover at street level on one of our free tours with local guides.