La Mota Castle of San Sebastián

If we look at the city of San Sebastián from the sea, we can see three entrances, for this reason, San Sebastián is also known by the name of Irutxulo, which means “three holes”, one is the one between Mount Igueldo and the island from Santa Clara, another between Santa Clara and Mount Urgull and the last one between Mount Urgull and Mount Ulía.

One of the key points is Mount Urgull, since it is considered one of the most prominent locations for the inhabitants of the city, where the jewel in the crown is located, the La Mota Castle de San Sebastián.

History of the La Mota Castle in San Sebastián

At the top of Mount Urgull, is the La Mota Castle , a military castle built more than 7 centuries ago, and where different kings have passed through the years, each giving a type of construction to the castle.

When you visit the La Mota Castle you will feel that you have traveled to the past, and that you are in the 13th century. At this time, Mount Urgull fought against the north winds to defend its port.

It was in the 16th century, when several reforms were carried out, including the surroundings of the castle, which was designed to make it more difficult for enemies to advance.

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Years later, the castle suffers a fire caused by lightning and almost completely destroys the building. In addition, this monument suffered from continuous attacks and sieges during the War of Independence or the Carlist Wars, testing the strength of the La Mota Castle, which was always ready to protect the inhabitants of San Sebastián.

If you visit La Mota castle in the near future and want to know more about it and everything you can see, we encourage you to continue reading.

You can access the La Mota Castle through several trails located on Mount Urgull depending on where you go up from.

One of the monuments that you will find as soon as you arrive and that will surely surprise you is the great sculpture of the Sacred Heart, which was placed in 1950 on the same fortress. Although it is strange to find this type of monument in a military castle, today this figure has become a symbol of San Sebastian.

This military castle still maintains its cannons, and many more representative elements of the time. This castle has been transformed into a museum, known as ‘The house of the history of Urgull’, where thanks to different models, objects, and visual supports you can delve into what that time was like in the city.

History of the Castillo de la Mota in San Sebastián

Plans near the La Mota Castle

The visit to the La Mota Castle is one of the best plans to enjoy with the family at any time of the year. In summer, there are many kinds of activities, such as workshops, etc.

Do not forget to stop for a few minutes and enjoy the spectacular views offered by Mount Urgull, as they will surely surprise you.

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