Top 5 pizzerias in San Sebastian

San Sebastian is not all about pintxos and steaks, and the city has a wide variety of international restaurants that we locals visit frequently. One of the most successful foods is, obviously, pizza, and in Donosti, fortunately, we are well stocked and we can find good pizzas in all neighbourhoods. Here are our favourite.

Best 5 pizzerias in San Sebastian

5- Il Gusto: This small place located in the Amara neighbourhood has what is called “pizza a la pala”, that is, they have several pizzas on the counter and from there you choose a slice of the one you like to take home or wherever you want. They have pizzas, panzerotti and focaccias and, of course, tiramisu. You can also order for pick-up or ask them to help you organise a pizza party!

4- Paparazzi: Located in Egia, Paparazzi has pizzas, panzerotti, some starters and desserts, both to eat on the premises and to pick up or order for home. And being so close to Cristina Enea, who can resist taking a couple of pizzas to eat sitting on the grass in the sun?

Panzerotti in Paparazzi

Panzerotti in the Paparazzi counter. Photo by Paparazzi.

3- Il Doppio: This pizzeria is in Aiete, very close to the park of the same name. They have a delivery service and you can also order your pizza to pick it up there. They also have Italian products for sale in their shop, which they use to make their pizzas and desserts. It’s the perfect place to grab a bite to eat after a stroll through the park!

2- Humo: Humo is located in Gros, in San Francisco street. Pizzas, but also starters, desserts and cocktails await you in their premises. Humo has a Repsol Solete and last year was a finalist in Madrid Fusion’s Best Pizza in Spain competition. And they also have take-away. Imagine eating a pizza in the Zurriola beach at sunset. The perfect plan.

Humo, one of the top 5 pizzerias in San Sebastian

Humo pizza. Photo by Humo.

1- L’vecchia: Some people say that it’s the best pizza in Donosti, and the truth is that sometimes it’s impossible to get them to pick up the phone with all the orders they receive. Fortunately, they sell their pizzas in the Super Amara and BM supermarkets in the city, and they have two locations, one in Amara and the other in Alza. In the latter they not only make pizzas and desserts, but also salads and fresh pasta, all to take home or pick up there.