Cristina Enea Park

One of the coolest parks in town, and one that we tell you about in our free tour, is the Cristina Enea park. And you should know about it, as this little forest in the middle of the city offers one of the most local experiences you can have.

With its expansive landscapes, diverse wildlife, and rich history, this park is more than just a recreational space – it is a testament to the city’s deep-rooted love for nature and heritage.

History of the Cristina Enea Park

Its story is intrinsically linked to love and generosity. It was donated to the city at the end of the 19th century by the Duke of Mandas, Fernando de Soraluce. His intention was to honor his wife, Cristina Brunetti, and ensure that the city’s residents had a green space to relax and connect with nature.

Today, Cristina Enea Park continues to be an essential meeting point for San Sebastian residents. It is a place where families walk on weekends, athletes run along its trails and where cultural and educational events are occasionally held. Furthermore, with the increasing focus on sustainability and the environment, the park plays a crucial role as a green lung and educational space for the city.

What to see in the park


Walking through the park, one can encounter a variety of birds nesting in its trees and ducks swimming placidly in its ponds. In addition, there is a population of peacocks that, with their majestic displays, have become one of the main attractions of the park.

Fountains and lakes

Cristina Enea has several fountains that add an aquatic element to the landscape, as well as a central pond where visitors can sit and reflect while observing the tranquility of the water.


For the convenience of its visitors, the park offers children’s play areas, picnic areas, strategically located benches to rest and enjoy the surroundings, and well-maintained trails that invite long walks.

park palace

Within the park is the Duke of Mandas Palace, an impressive construction that formerly served as the Duke’s residence. Today, it is used as an environmental interpretation center and offers exhibitions and activities related to nature and the environment.

Location of Cristina Enea Park

The Cristina Enea Park is located in the Egia neighborhood, very close to the San Sebastián train station. It is easily accessible both on foot and by public transport.

With one entrance really close to Tabakalera, and many others alongside the Urumea river, this English style park hosts plants from all around the world, as well as animals ranging from ducks to squirrels, without forgetting the splendid peacocks! It is an easy walk, beautiful and with locations for the younger ones! Trust us, it’s a great place.


The park is open to the public every day of the year, from dawn to dusk. However, the interpretation center’s hours may vary, so it is advisable to check them if you plan to visit.

In summary, the Cristina Enea Park is not only a green space within the city, it is a living monument to love, history and Donostia’s commitment to its heritage and its nature. If you ever find yourself in San Sebastián, don’t miss the opportunity to visit it and immerse yourself in its magic.