6 places to watch the sunset in San Sebastian

Let’s be honest: in San Sebastian we have beautiful sunsets. There is a perfect and changing combination of light, mist, mountains and sea that make the end of the day a real spectacle. And we also have many places from which to see them, to suit everyone’s taste. Here are some of our favourites (and what time of year to go to each one):

From the Igeldo Amusement Park

(from November to March)

Obviously, from the heights the views are going to be even more impressive. From the west-facing viewpoint you can see the coast, the Igeldo lighthouse and nearby villages such as Getaria. And watching the sun set over the sea until it disappears over the horizon is priceless. Just make sure the sunset is before the park closes!

From the Club Náutico footbridge (all year round):

This is a highly valued option for those who are in the Centre or the Old Town. If you’ve been having a few pintxos and want to watch the sun go down behind Monte Igeldo and into the sea, next to the Town Hall you can find the Real Club Náutico.

A wooden walkway runs alongside it with benches where you can sit and enjoy the view in peace and quiet. And if you prefer, there are steps that go down to the water, in case you want to soak your feet in the bay of La Concha while the day is winding down. Bonus points if you do it with an ice cream.

From the Polvorín

(all year round)

This option has a bit of a catch, because the best time is when the bar is open, but if when you’re up there it still isn’t the views are still worth it. On clear days, the Basque coast can be seen for many, many kilometres, almost as far as Cape Matxitxako near Bilbao. Enjoying the views of our coastline as the sun dips below the sea is breathtaking. Moreover, if you hold on for a few more minutes you can see how the lights of the villages along the coast come on.

And if El Polvorín is open, you will enjoy it even more. Having a drink in the bar that for many people has the best views in Donosti, where they also sometimes have concerts, with such a sunset…. Don’t you feel like it?

Just make sure that the sunset is before Mount Urgul closes (in summer at 9 a.m.), more than one person has been locked in the mountain!

From the Paseo Nuevo

(all year round)

On this promenade you have a great option to enjoy the sunset at any time of the year. The best spot is next to Jorge Oteiza’s sculpture “Construcción Vacía” (Empty Construction), next to the slopes of Mount Urgull and the Aquarium. From here you can see not only the sunset, but also the views of La Concha Bay from a different angle; and if there are waves, it is one of the best spots to see how the sea hits the wall.

The 3 viewpoints in San Sebastian

From the Tabakalera terrace

(all year round)

On the top floor of the Tabakalera building, the city’s main cultural building, there is a large glass terrace. From there, with the Urumea River at your feet, you have a great view of the rooftops of the Centre with the cathedral in front of you. And behind, when the time comes, the sun disappears behind Igeldo. Little by little you can see how the golden light falls over the “little Paris” that is the central district of Donosti until you are in the shade, when the street lamps start to light up the bridge of María Cristina. We get poetic with these views…

From Sagües

(all year round, but ESPECIALLY in summer)

Hundreds of Donostiarras can’t go wrong. This is the place chosen by many of us to enjoy the sunset, especially in summer. Not only is it next to Zurriola beach, a lively place in itself, where you can surf or play sports on the beach, but the atmosphere of the esplanade itself is very pleasant, with lots of bars, a park for the little ones and a skate park.

Locals buy a drink or a snack from the local shops and meet up with friends along the wall that runs along the beach (which we call “the Wall”, because we’re very good at naming things) and sit and enjoy the view. Here, you can watch the sun set into the sea as you listen to the crashing waves and breathe in the salty air.