The 3 viewpoints in San Sebastián that you cannot miss

When we visit or live in a city that has a lot of natural and architectural wealth, we cannot forget to enjoy it from the best points. Therefore, today we will show you the 3 best viewpoints in San Sebastián to enjoy incredible views and different plans.

Mount Urgull viewpoint

Mount Urgull is a must see if you are visiting Donosti. It is the mountain located at the end of Bahía de la Concha, so its incredible views overlook one of the protagonists of the city, La Concha beach .

This point is one of the most historic in the city since it is located in a strategic place, housing great stories and enclaves worth visiting.

For this reason, visiting Mount Urgull means enjoying multiple viewpoints in San Sebastián where you can enjoy authentic postcard views.

If you decide to visit it, you must take into account several points; There is no single way up or down, so doing both along different paths will allow you to enjoy different views. Also, do not forget to stop at the most emblematic points, although they seem many, each one of them will leave you more and more surprised.

Lastly, in order to enjoy this site with some of the best viewpoints in San Sebastián, you should check the schedule as it may vary depending on the time of year.

viewpoint of Mount Urgull

Edificio de Tabakalera

Leaving behind the natural and scenic beauty a little further, we go to a viewpoint in San Sebastián where you will enjoy the most modern and architectural beauty of the city.

El edificio de Tabakalera es actualmente el centro de Cultura Contemporánea de la ciudad que alberga grandes eventos y exposiciones. Como dato, antes de ser reformado, este edificio era la fábrica de tabaco de la ciudad.

En el caso de este edificio, no está aún muy explotado por turistas e incluso habitantes de la ciudad por lo que, podrás disfrutar de un ambiente tranquilo al aire libre en uno de los mejores miradores en la ciudad de San Sebastián.

El Palacio Miramar

Por último, te planteamos uno de los miradores en San Sebastián donde podrás pasar un tiempo muy agradable y compartirlo con amigos y familiares realizando diferentes actividades en sus jardines.

El Palacio Miramar es uno de los más famosos y concurridos de la ciudad por lo que, puedes aprovechar y disfrutar de las puestas de sol acompañado de un picnic.

Unlike the previous two, the views are not from a great height but they are just as spectacular, taking advantage of the visit, you must see the palace since it is a cultural heritage of the city.

These are just 3 of the many incredible viewpoints in San Sebastián , so we advise you to continue investigating and discovering this spectacular city. In addition to the well-known ones, there are other more special corners that only people who love the city know about and that you can discover by taking tours around the city .