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Where to park in San Sebastian: the definitive guide

As in many other big cities, moving from one place to another by car can be a complicated and even frustrating task in times of high season.

For this reason, our recommendation is that you park your car in one of the multiple points that the city has and enjoy it on foot, by bike or by public transport. Next, we will see the different options on where to park in San Sebastian.

The points where to park in San Sebastian will be differentiated mainly taking into account their price list and location in the city.

Free car parks in San Sebastian

In this case, they are large car parks that have bus lines that connect directly to the city center and have long hours, so it is one of the best options for parking in San Sebastian.

The 3 best free car parks to park in San Sebastián are: Illunbe, Miramón and Igara.



Parking in Illunbe

It is free throughout the year and remains open 24 hours a day. This car park connects to the 28 line stop in just 10 minutes on foot, which goes to the Centre of San Sebastian. In addition, it’s connected to line 17, although the distance on foot to the stop is 20 minutes.

Parking Miramón

This car park is also one of the largest in the areas where you can park in San Sebastian. The reason for this is that it remains open mainly during the summer months (July 31 to August 31) and on weekends throughout the year. It also opens 24-hour hours and connects with lines 17 (10 minutes on foot) and 28 (20 minutes on foot) to reach the city centre.

Parking Igara

In the case of the Igara car park, it is also free and remains open throughout the year, however, it only connects closely with bus line 33, which stop is just a 10-minute walk away.

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OTA or blue zone of San Sebastian

The next opinion where to park in San Sebastian after free parking is the blue zone. This is the parking area with limited time and which are found mainly in the neighborhoods of the Old Town of San Sebastian, Amara, Loiola and Gros.

This service has a specific schedule so when it’s time to get the ticket, confirm that you are doing it correctly.

The OTA, in addition to the blue zone, has two other types of which its rate varies.

In the case of the blue and green zone, it has a lower rate than the blue zone since it is possibly further from the centre, although it is still a good option to park in San Sebastian.

On the contrary, if we see red stripes on the ground, it will be the most central area and therefore the one with the highest rate. In addition, in this area you will not be able to park for more than 90 minutes.

If you want to check each of the areas before looking for a place to park in San Sebastian, you can do so on its map.

where to park in San Sebastian, the OTA


Underground parking in San Sebastian

This option is the most common and, in case you have to access the Centre for a stay, such as a trip, it will be the most profitable option since you will find more options near your hotel and also, you will not have to worry about take ticket or move of places.

The average price of underground car parks in San Sebastián ranges from 15 to 25 euros.

Some of the underground car parks in San Sebastián can be Okendo or Boulevard.

Parking Okendo

It is one of the best underground car parks to park in San Sebastian as it is very well equipped. It has car charging and washing. In addition, you can pay by card, cash, VIA-T and Abiatu.

Parking Boulevard

This is another of the best-known underground car parks due to its location, right on Alameda del Boulevard (to which it owes its name) and it also has 24-hour hours so you can park or leave at any time you want.

The Boulevard car park is located right in the Centre, close to the Gros neighborhood and La Concha beach, where you can go on foot. As we say, it is one of the best known and recommended by our guides.

In addition, our office is barely a 3-minute walk from said car park, so it will be very easy to locate us.

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Tips on where to park in San Sebastian

In addition to knowing the different areas where you can park in San Sebastian, you should know 3 main tips so that you can fully enjoy yourself without worries.

  • The white areas of San Sebastian: like many other cities, this is the area throughout the city to park for free, however, you should know that it’s scarce. Also, you will see that many of them have a B or R on the side so it is only for residents. Never park there!
  • If you can, use public transport first , since it is not only where to park in San Sebastian, but also the amount of traffic that you can find in the city centre.
  • If you know the days you are going to be or the time, the easiest way to access the underground car parks is to make a prior reservation, especially those that are 24 hours.

Now that you know where to park in San Sebastian, we are sure that one of the first activities that you will want to do will be a free tour to finish getting to know the city, so… We will be happy to show you this incredible city!