5 Plans with children in San Sebastian

What to do with children in San Sebastian

Family trips are the ones that are most enjoyed since we share time with the most important people, but they are also usually trips with different plan preferences. One of those reasons is usually when traveling with children, so today we will talk about what to do with children in San Sebastián.

So that you can plan your trip in the best way and in advance, we will propose 5 different plans that you can do with children in San Sebastián .

The Aquarium: a guaranteed success

This is one of the leisure plans with children in San Sebastián since, in addition to enjoying seeing the different species and secrets that the sea hides, adults are also surprised and wanting to return.

The Aquarium was inaugurated in 1908 with the aim of advancing oceanography research and being able to translate this knowledge into daily activities such as fishing or sailing.

The Aquarium provides the most visual part with the demonstration of different ecosystems, but also a large didactic part with which to learn with children in San Sebastián.

You can make the free visit for a price of €14 per ticket. There is also the option of taking a guided tour that is recommended to be booked 3 weeks in advance. Check the schedules on their website as it varies depending on the time of year in which you make this visit with children in San Sebastián.

Monte Urgull: spend and recharge energy

In order to also enjoy the views and landscapes of the city, one of the plans with children in San Sebastián may be to visit Monte Urgull, which is one of the points with the most viewpoints in the city (link to the blog of viewpoints above).

There are different routes to get to the top, each one with different views and postcards. During the climb you will make stops at points and structures with a great story behind which you can find out and impress the little ones so that they do not forget it.

Visit Monte Urgull

Monte Igueldo amusement park: a classic with children in San Sebastián

The Monte Igueldo amusement park is one of the oldest in Spain and one of the most charming, since many of the original structures and routes have been preserved.

You can enjoy a ride on a roller coaster overlooking the abyss of the sea or jump on some incredible trampolines that will make it one of the best places with children in San Sebastián.

The most common and special way to go up the mountain is by funicular so you cannot let your little ones miss it.

Both the attractions and the funicular or access to the enclosure have different hours and prices, so we advise you to consult it before making your visit.

Eureka! Science Museum

If what you want to achieve is that the little ones learn things when they travel, the Science Museum is an excellent option.

It is a museum with more than 150 interactive modules that manage to disseminate scientific knowledge in a very entertaining way for all ages, even adults!

Some of the rooms that you can visit will be a planetarium, an astronomical observatory, some animal ecosystems and even experience simulators such as riding a racing motorcycle or riding a roller coaster.

Undoubtedly, it is a plan with children in San Sebastián that will make both young and old enjoy.

Tourism with children in San Sebastian

The previous activities can be interesting and fun, but we also need moments in which you can visit and get to know the incredible city of San Sebastián.

This activity is usually a bit boring for children, so you have to give it a touch of entertainment. As? Taking city tours in another way, for example, visiting the city with a guided tour or free tour in San Sebastian or a tourist bus or by bicycle . You will all enjoy together!

Now that you know what plans and activities you can do with children in San Sebastián, all that remains is to start planning and decide which of them are the ones that the little ones will like the most. If there is time, it is best to do them all!