best tortillas in san sebastian

Top 5 Spanish tortillas in San Sebastian

During our Free Tour in San Sebastian many times you ask us what our favourite pintxos are. And almost always we mention the spanish omelette from some of the best local bars that offer this delicatessen. Today, we will mention some of our staff’s favourite places for the best omelettes.

Bar Zabaleta

This one’s a classic, the safest bet. Ask a local for the best tortilla in town and 1 out of 3 will send you to this bar. It is very easy to find, as the Zabaleta bar is at Zabaleta Street. 

Bar Antonio

Another one of the most famous tortillas in San Sebastian. Here, the onions are incredibly well caramelized, and, although they are quite thick, they are really juicy. 

Bar Alaia

The neighbours of the Antiguo district normally recommend the tortilla from the Alaia bar, located in the famous Matia Street. It is really squishy, it almost dissolves in your mouth and you can still taste the eggs they use. 

Bar Juantxo

Probably the most famous tortilla in the Old Town is at the Juantxo, and always inside of a bun! And they are really close to our Free Walking Tour starting point, it all comes together!

Bar La Viña

Although this place is famous due to their cheesecake, this bar has plenty to offer, like this spanish tortilla that will blow your mind! Although it does not have onion, it is quite good. 

tortilla zabaleta

Top 5 alternative omelettes in San Sebastian

In San Sebastian there are potato omelettes that are very famous, Nestor’s, Zabaleta’s, Antonio’s… But Donosti has many more omelettes worthy of mention that are just as good. Some of them are not even made of potato! So here is a list of the best alternative tortillas in San Sebastian.

top 5 omelettes in San Sebastian

codfish omelette from Casa Vallés

Potato omelette with caramelised onion at Cochinita Pibil

The same old potato omelette with a twist. Juicy and with a very tasty sweet touch, a pintxo to take into account if you’re in the city centre.

Codfish omelette at Casa Vallés

In another bar in the centre of the city you can find a very good example of the typical codfish omelette, one of the most traditional dishes of the Basque Country. Casa Vallés is also said to have invented the Gilda, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Vegan omelette at KM.0

With so many bars and restaurants in Donosti, there is also room for vegan food, and KM.0 in Egia is a great place for it. Their vegan omelette is delicious and they also have a vegetable omelette, another good alternative to the usual omelette.

If you attend any of these places, tell us in our Free Tours what you thought about them!

vegan omelette from KM.0 Iberian ham, green pepper and cheese omelette from La Plata. Photo by El Diario Vasco.

Vegan omelette from KM.0.

Iberian ham, green pepper and cheese omelette from La Plata. Photo by El Diario Vasco.

Iberian ham, green pepper and cheese omelette at La Plata: The world of stuffed omelettes is immense and in Donosti we have several good examples. One of them is at La Plata bar, whose omelettes are famous in the Gros neighbourhood. The one with Iberian ham, green pepper and cheese will not leave you indifferent.

Ropa vieja omelette at Intza: If the pintxo of ropa vieja at Intza is a marvel, eating it as an omelette is a superior marvel. And eating it on their pleasant terrace is a supreme marvel, so what are you waiting for?