Top 5 souvenir shops in San Sebastian

When you finish your Free Tour, you’ll usually want to take home some souvenirs of your time in San Sebastian, so we’ve put together this top 5 with the best souvenir shops in San Sebastian, which we’ll be adding to in the future!

1-Alboka: A shop selling Basque handicrafts that reflect our cultural, sporting and folkloric richness. Located in the Plaza de la Consti, it’s a great place because the freetour usually ends up nearby.
2-Koloreka: A small shop whose prints capture, condense and crystallise the daily life in San Sebastian with incredible talent.

3-Lance & Malone:In this shop you can buy the great collages, illustrations, sweatshirts made by artists like Mikel Casal, Rosco as well as Lance and Gabi Malone, they are super original!
4-Room278studio: A very nice shop with very original products with innovative and fun designs that you can take with you as souvenirs.
5-Enea:the most innovative and funniest t-shirts with San Sebastian motifs you’ll ever see are in this shop on Reina Regente!