Top 5 Croquetas in San Sebastian

Either at the end of the morning’s Free Tour as a starter or after the one in the afternoon as a mid-afternoon snack, good croquettes are usually craved after walking for two hours, so going on a wild hunt after the best ones in San Sebastian is a great plan!

pintxos in san sebastian

Here you have our top 5 croquettes in San Sebastian.

  1. Txuleta’s t-bone croquette: a two-in-one, the Basque-meat flavour with bechamel and a delicate fried surface. Tasty and different.
  2. Bar Ricardo’s mussell croquette: deservedly well famous in Gros, this mussel croquettes are among the classic pintxos at Ricardo. Original and quite big. Can´t miss.
  3. La Espiga ham croquette: There are plenty delicious ham croquettes around, but the ones at La Espiga have something special, basically an incredible bechamel!
  4. Sport’s fungus croquette: Delicious, unique and with a really intense flavor. They never let down. They never become boring.
  5. Urkabe’s bird croquette: a simple and great local bar that exudes local vibes, with some huge bird croquettes that will blow your brains off.

Cover Photo: San Sebastian Turismoa