Tolosa town

Tolosa town: in the heart of Gipuzkoa

In the heart of Gipuzkoa we find the town of Tolosa, one of the towns with most tradition and history in the whole of the Historical Territory and which was at one time (and at times) its capital.

During the Middle Ages it served as a point of union between the Kingdom of Navarre, the Kingdom of Castilla and the territories that are now France, functioning as a great tollgate in the north that controlled the flow of trade.

When the corregidores governed Gipuzkoa, they had to live alternately in San Sebastián, Tolosa, Azpeitia and Azkoitia, and subsequently the Royal Decree of 19 January 1844 established the capital of Gipuzkoa in Tolosa. It ceased to be so in 1854 and San Sebastian was established as the capital of the territory, and so on to the present day. Nevertheless, Tolosa still houses the General Archive of Gipuzkoa and the Antonio Maria Labaien cultural centre, the old building of the Provincial Council.

Apart from its eventful history, Tolosa is home to many interesting elements. To begin with, it has a marvellous gastronomy, with a tradition of chocolate and confectionery that is very famous in the Basque Country, housing not only shops and businesses in this field but also the Chocolate Museum. And Toulouse’s meat is also famous, such as that prepared at Matias Gorrotxategui’s sublime and magnificent grill at Casa Julian, the so-called temple of Basque meat!

In any case, a visit to Tolosa is always a good idea. The town is beautiful, with personality and history. It eats well and is surrounded by the purest essence of Gipuzkoa: green, tradition and a certain nobility.