Things to See in San Sebastian

If you are here, it is probably because you will soon be visiting the fantastic city of San Sebastian and you want to visit all the most famous places in the capital.

The following is a brief commentary on the main places of interest in our city that you can visit.

For your visit, you can choose to take a tour on your own or on a guided tour, to learn all about our city.

La Concha Beach

It has won the award for the most recognised postcard of Donostia-San Sebastián. The famous Concha is the jewel of San Sebastian, the symbol of our city.

La Concha beach is located in front of Santa Clara Island, and has been selected as the number one beach in Europe and Spain.

Thousands of people lean out over the promenade railing and come down for a swim or a stroll on the beach.

Old Town of San Sebastian

The busiest part of the city is its old quarter. The so-called old quarter of San Sebastian is located under the cloak of Mount Urgull, bordered by the Urumea River and La Concha beach.

If we go deep into the bowels of our old town, we will see first-hand the charm of our society and its influence on the whole of Donostia.

This area is a mixture of typical Basque buildings, which merge with the mythical ecclesiastical buildings such as the Basilica of Santa María del Coro, as well as the Gothic church of San Vicente. This, together with the famous pintxo bars, gives our streets a unique style and atmosphere.

The Plaza de la Constitución is the most famous square in the capital, where most of the city’s events and festivities are held, such as the famous Tamborrada. This square is an atmospheric place, where you will find both young and old people.

As mentioned above, within the old quarter we find places of interest such as the Plaza de la Constitución, the Church of San Vicente, the Basilica of Santa María and the San Telmo Museum.

The Plaza de la Constitución is located in this area of the old part of San Sebastián. This square is presided over by a building constructed a few decades ago as the Town Hall of San Sebastian, which has gone from being the Municipal Library to being an administrative part of the city’s cultural area.

The Plaza de la Constitución will always be one of the places, if not the liveliest place in the city, as this square is the protagonist of the most important local festivals in our city.

Another place to visit in the Old Town is the Church of San Vicente, the most historic church in the city. A temple built in the 16th century with a Gothic structure. In one of its wings we can see one of the most famous and replicated sculptures in the world, the Pietà, recreated by one of the most renowned Basque artists of the 20th century, Jorge Oteiza.

The San Telmo Museum is also a place to visit in this area, a former 16th century convent, which was converted into a military barracks and is now the famous Museum of Basque Society and Citizenship.

Romantic Area

The city of San Sebastian has a romantic area that you will fall in love with.

Following the demolition of the famous city wall in the 19th century and the plans for the expansion of the city, San Sebastian gradually took on its present appearance.

The extension was carried out with a very elegant urban planning and an eclectic style, planned in a very careful way.

In this area you will find the Plaza de Gipuzkoa, with a beautiful duck pond, where you will find the building of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa in an eclectic style.

You will also find the Buen Pastor Cathedral, the Victoria Eugenia Theatre, and more places for cultural visits.

Things to see in San Sebastian

If you want to make a shopping stop, this area has a variety of shops where you can spend a great afternoon shopping. You’ll also find urban entertainment venues, with shops with a long tradition.

Mount Igeldo

Mount Igeldo is located to the west of the city next to La Concha Bay. It is one of the most beautiful spots in the city, as from the top of the mountain we can see the entire coastline and the city of San Sebastian.

Monte Igeldo hides a fantastic Amusement Park that has not lost its essence, which will immerse you in a world of fantasy.

This amusement park features a Swiss Mountain, a laugh ride and a magic labyrinth.

It is a park prepared to be enjoyed in peace and quiet and to live the experience every minute.

Mount Urgull

The city of San Sebastian is surrounded by three main mountains, Mount Igeldo, Ulía and Mount Urgull, each with its own charm and diversity. Mount Urgull hides an abundance of vegetation which, together with its sculptures embedded in the mountain itself and its incredible viewpoints, make it the perfect place to disconnect and enjoy San Sebastian.

Mount Urgull is open all season from early in the morning, although in summer, when it enjoys more hours of sunshine, it stays open for longer.

There are 4 paths that lead from the city to the top of Mount Urgull, each one of them has a different beginning.

It can be reached by four routes from our city. Each road has a different entrance and each of the roads has its own charm.

The Comb of the Wind

Apart from the natural landscapes or the environment that San Sebastian enjoys, if San Sebastian is known for any monument, it is the Peine del Viento (Wind Comb). Initially it was a group of 23 sculptures embedded in the rocks, although in the end there are only 3, as together they provide an aesthetic visual balance.

They owe this name to mark where the wind combs the waves at the edge of the cliffs of La Concha Bay. You will be amazed when you see how these sculptures withstand the blow of these forces.

Ondarreta Beach

This place is mostly visited by families as it is considered one of the best places to relax on the sand.

This beach is surrounded by areas of interest that you cannot miss, such as the Miramar Palace or Mount Igeldo.

La Zurriola

La Zurriola is the most famous surfing beach in the city of San Sebastian.

On this beach there are constant championships, surfing courses, volleyball, football matches and many other activities.

San Telmo Museum

The San Telmo Museum is one of the oldest and most legendary museums in San Sebastian. It was opened in the 20th century and later became a museum of Basque Society and Citizenship whose purpose is to exhibit Basque history and culture to tourists.


It is considered one of the most emblematic places in the city.

It has a multitude of very interesting exhibitions, and the building in which it is located is spectacular.

If you would like to take a guided tour of Tabakalera, you are in luck as this place offers free individual guided tours, by registering in advance on the Tabakalera website.