La Concha Bay

Santa Clara Island

One of the most special parks in town is located in the middle of La Concha bay. The Santa Clara island is a wonderful enclave that we can go and visit by swimming, in a boat or taking the motorboat from San Sebastian’s harbor.

Ways to get to Santa Clara Island

Santa Clara by boat

The most common way to get to Santa Clara Island is by boat. From the port of San Sebastián, you can take a short ride on one of the local boats that will take you to this natural gem in approximately 15 minutes. The boats are usually comfortable and safe, and the trip itself is a delightful experience, as you can enjoy the stunning views of the coast as you approach the island.

Visit Santa Clara by swimming

For lovers of adventure and swimming, another exciting option is to reach Santa Clara Island by swimming. Although it is not an option for everyone, those with swimming experience can enjoy this trip from Ondarreta Beach.

The distance is not very long, but make sure you are prepared and in good physical shape before venturing on this journey. The feeling of reaching the island by swimming and immersing yourself in its crystal clear waters is truly unique.

What to see in Santa Clara

Once you have arrived on Santa Clara Island, some of the most impressive natural attractions in the region await you.

Natural pool

There is a small beach that appears and disappears with the tides, an area with tables at the top and wonderful views of the sea, the city and the San Sebastian coast.

One of the main reasons why Santa Clara Island is so popular is its spectacular natural pool. This saltwater pool is located in the heart of the island and is a perfect place to swim and relax.

The waters are crystal clear and fresh, and the view you have from the pool towards the bay is simply stunning. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and snorkeling equipment to explore the marine life that lives in the area.

The beach bar

After a refreshing swim in the natural pool, I invite you to visit “El Chiringuito”, a charming restaurant on the Island of Santa Clara. Here, you can enjoy delicious local dishes, fresh seafood and refreshing drinks while relaxing in a unique atmosphere. El Chiringuito offers the perfect opportunity to savor authentic Basque cuisine while enjoying panoramic views of the bay.


One of the highlights of Santa Clara Island is its majestic lighthouse. The Santa Clara Lighthouse is a historic landmark and offers spectacular views of the island and its surroundings. You can climb the lighthouse tower and enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the bay and coastline. It is especially impressive at sunset, when the sun dips below the horizon and paints the sky in vibrant colors.

There is a little beach that comes and goes with the tides, an area with tables at the top of the island and some beautiful views of the sea, the city and the city’s shore.

la bahía de la Concha

Obviously we don’t visit the island during the Free Tour, we don’t have a motorboat, but when possible we will give you directions to the island.

La isla Santa Clara Tour isla Santa Clara

Santa Clara Island is a must-see destination for anyone visiting San Sebastián. With its easy access by boat or the exciting option of swimming there, this island offers a unique experience in which you can connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of the Cantabrian Sea.

Whether you are interested in swimming in its natural pool, enjoying a delicious meal at El Chiringuito or exploring the lighthouse, Santa Clara Island will leave you with unforgettable memories of your visit to San Sebastián.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your visit to the Island of Santa Clara and get ready to discover a natural paradise in the middle of the beautiful city of San Sebastián. I am sure that you will love every moment of your time here, and Santa Clara Island will become one of your favorite places in the Basque Country. Enjoy your trip!