10 things to do in San Sebastian when it rains

It rains in San Sebastian. It’s a fact. It rains in winter, spring, summer and autumn. That’s why everything is so green, and that’s why all of us from San Sebastian have a good rain jacket in our wardrobe. Because yes, we locals go out when it rains, otherwise we would still be living in caves, and that’s also why we know better than anyone what to do in San Sebastian when it rains. So, make a note!

Visit an exhibition

The San Telmo museum, Tabakalera, the Kubo gallery, the Koldo Mitxelena, the Basque Architecture Institute and the Basque Maritime Museum always have very interesting temporary exhibitions to visit. The San Telmo Museum also has a permanent exhibition, perfect for getting to know the Basque Country, its history and culture a little better. On Tuesdays it is free. The rest of the galleries are always free, so what more could you ask for? If you’re with children we recommend the Eureka! science museum and the Aquarium.

The Aquarium tunnel in San Sebastian. Photo by Turismo Euskadi.

Go to the cinema

Yes, it’s an obvious choice, there are cinemas everywhere, But not everywhere there is a Basque Film Library, where you can see old and new films, in their original version and sometimes with an informative talk for a small fee. The place? Tabakalera too.

Go to Tabakalera

Perhaps it’s best to sum it up in a single point: go to Tabakalera, you can spend the whole morning or afternoon there. Between the exhibitions, the film library, the café and the huge media library where workshops are continually organised for all kinds of audiences, you’ll have plenty of time to spend. But bear in mind that it is closed on Mondays (like San Telmo).

Take a stroll

A stroll? In the rain? For sure? For sure, through the lower part of La Concha, of course. Underneath La Concha promenade there are some arcades that are perfect for strolling along the beach without getting wet. Now you have no excuse to see the bay that has made us famous.

The basement of La Concha. Photo by El Diario Vasco.

Go for pintxos

Pintxos are inside the bars, you don’t get wet inside the bars. Easy. However, between bars, umbrella and run, luckily they are all very close to each other in the Old Town.

Go to La Perla spa

Getting wet in dripping clothes and getting cold, or getting wet in your swimming costume and soaking in warm water? What a difficult choice… We have it clear.

Go surfing under the rain

If you’re going to get wet, at least have a good time. You can rent boards or book a lesson at one of the many surf schools and surf shops on Zurriola beach. In the end, the problem will be getting out of the water.

Go ice skating

At the Txuri-Urdin ice palace in Anoeta you have an indoor rink open all year round. A perfect way to spend the afternoon, especially if you’re with children.

Do some indoor activity

As a sport, yes, but you can also sign up for a cooking or pottery class, do an escape room, play laser tag… the options are endless, sometimes all it takes is a little Google search.

Go to a cultural event

A concert at Dabadaba or DOKA, micro-theatre at La Farándula… these are just some of the cultural options in the city. You can also check the Donostia Kultura website to find out what’s on at the Kursaal, the Victoria Eugenia Theatre, the Principal Theatre and the cultural centres in the different neighbourhoods.

At La Farándula, as well as seeing a play, you can have dinner. A great plan.

Bonus- Take a Free Walking Tour with us

Get to know San Sebastian with a local who will tell you the secrets of the city and you’ll only get a little bit wet. No? Well, we tried.

Be that as it may, there are options, so there’s no point complaining if your visit to San Sebastian coincides with rain. And hey, if you don’t feel like moving or you’re too lazy, there’s always the option of going to a bar or café and spending the afternoon chatting with your companions, for us there are few better plans!