beaches of San Sebastian

Five plans on the beaches of San Sebastian

San Sebastian is lucky to have four beaches and a desirable position in the Cantabric sea. For the donostiarras the use and enjoyment of them is something learnt since young, and today we’re going to explain  five plans on the beaches of San Sebastian.

Go swimming to the Island of Santa Clara

In the middle of the bay we can find Santa Clara, so far, so close… mainly with the low tide. With it is very easy and short to swim to this beautiful place, especially if we leave from Ondarreta. Once there we can enjoy the calmness of the place, its views and its landscape beauty.

Surf in la Zurriola

Or even, learnt to do it! In la Zurri we have some big waves and a dynamic atmosphere that nobody represents better than the surfers taming the sea. There’s surf schools and shops that rent all the needed equipment. If you’re curious, don’t hesitate.

Visit the Pico del Loro

La Concha and Ondarreta are separated by a rocky hill that, even if it’s called Loretopea, the locals call it El Pico del Loro (Parrot’s Beak). Walk through la Concha up to there is something we all have done and, with low tide, is a very nice walk.

Practice kayak

The bay is very nice and safe to sail by kayak, and many locals rent these small vessels. Leaving the continental San Sebastian and with effort advance against the sea, the wind and the tide is very satisfactory. And you can always make a little stop in the island taking advantage of the independence that having your own ship gives

Enjoy the waves in la Concha

Eeven if the waves in San Sebastian can be tremendous and you always have to show the sea some respect, there’s something primary and really fun in facing the waves. Either with a bodyboard or breaking them with your own body, facing the sea on the beach is fun.