Bretxa Market

The Bretxa Market is the San Sebastián market that, in addition to having different stalls and brands where you can buy top quality products, also has a history that you should continue reading to discover.

History of the Bretxa Market

San Sebastián has always been a city at a key strategic point and the scene of great historical moments since the area of ​​Donostia connects directly with the neighboring country of France.

The construction of the Bretxa began in 1870 by Antonio Cortázar. The history of the Bretxa Market resides mainly in its name.

In the 18th century, one of the many invasions throughout the history of San Sebastian took place, specifically that of the Duke of Berwick. To carry it out, they open two breaches in the walls through which the troops are entering. Later, in 1813, the Anglo-Portuguese soldiers took the city through that same place.

For this reason, it was decided to name this market in San Sebastián as the Bretxa Market.

Stalls in the Bretxa Market

In the Bretxa Market there are around 26 stalls where we can find both big brands and traditional stalls, covering a large number of types of purchases.

Some of the brands that are present in this market are Lidl as a supermarket, Mcdonald’s as fast food, SICOS as a technology and repair store and many others.

Traditional stalls of the Bretxa Market

As for the traditional stalls of the Bretxa Market, you can distinguish between the different products they sell. Some of them are:

  • Delicatessen : for those who love delicatessen, the Bretxa is undoubtedly an ideal place to find both classic and more different products.
  • Butcher shop: the meat in the traditional stalls of this market stands out for its quality and for being kilometer zero.
  • Herbalist: incredible organic products and totally natural origin.
  • Greengrocers: you can find a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables that retain all their flavor.

The Bretxa Market today

The Bretxa Market has been able to adapt and update itself to the needs of its customers today, adding to its services the collection of orders by Whatsapp, means by which you can have your orders prepared and not have to wait or queue. In addition, if any of the products is not available, they will be able to notify you when it is.

To consult the stalls of the Bretxa that have these services, you can do so on their own website .

The Bretxa market is undoubtedly one of the places you should visit in San Sebastián since, in addition to doing tourist activities such as a Free Walking Tour to get to know the city, you should also get to know the culture and life of the people who live in it. . You will fall completely in love!