Behobia-San Sebastian Race

Behobia-San Sebastian Race: among the most important in Europe

The Behobia-San Sebastián race is one of the biggest races in Europe and also one of the toughest. The Behobia-San Sebastián race was created in 1919 and each year participation has increased to more than 30,000 runners.

Route of the Behobia-San Sebastián Race

The race has a total distance of 20 kilometers that covers different areas and neighborhoods. We will talk about the most relevant sections and their duration.

We start the race from the Bidasoa river, where it is practically flat. In the first five kilometers the ascent is made towards Ventas de Irún to then begin a recovery descent for the next phase.

San Sebastián Behobia Race Tour

From kilometer 6 to 8, one of the toughest stages must be overcome, the ascent to Alto de Gaintxurizketa. In this stage you will see how there is a total race atmosphere since you will find people cheering on the brave ones who are doing the Behobia race. Go for all!

Between kilometers 9 and 12, the descent of Alto de Gaintxurizketa is carried out and the entire town of Errenteria is crossed, crossing the commercial areas and its boulevard. It is in these areas where more fans gather and there is more atmosphere since it is a more central area.

Kilometers 13 and 14 are to overcome the climb to Capuchinos and then the descent to Pasaia.

At kilometer 15 you will get closer to the city of San Sebastián, but before that you will go up and down Buenavista.

Kilometers 16 and 17 have the Alto de Miracruz as the protagonist, since the ascent and subsequent descent will take place, where we will begin to see the center of the city of San Sebastián in the distance.

Kilometer 18 will be a long descent towards the Gros neighborhood, and it will finish at Zurriola Beach.

LAST SECTION!!! The remaining two kilometers of the race will become less and less as the atmosphere increases and the finish line of Behobia’s race approaches.

Route of the Behobia-San Sebastián Race

Lodging and transportation for the Behobia-San Sebastián race

If you plan to do the Behobia-San Sebastian race, you must take into account the number of people who will want to travel there on those days, so you must book everything in advance. The prices will be high in general due to the great demand, so you can try to stay in nearby towns or municipalities and move to San Sebastián on the day of the race.

Visit the city of San Sebastian

Although the main interest of those days is the race, you should not forget the incredible city where the race takes place and therefore it is almost mandatory to visit and enjoy it in the days before or after the race (you may have to recover of the Behobia-San Sebastián race). One of the best options to visit the city and learn about its history and secrets is to take a free walking tour, the current way to get to know the city and appreciate it yourself.