San Sebastian Park Alderdi Eder

Park Alderdi Eder: central park in San Sebastián

One of the most beautiful parks in San Sebastian is Alderdi Eder (in basque, “beautiful place”), which is located right in front of the city’s town hall. They were designed by the city’s gardener Pierre Ducasse, and they have stayed almost the same since them, honoring its name!

History of Alderdi Eder Park

Prior to the construction of this park, this site was land that was used as a training ground, which after the end of the war became part of the public council. This space became a park area, in which it even had a hill up to 10 meters high, a surface that it was decided to demolish later to provide greater visibility to the beach.

Parque Alderdi Eder


Although it has also undergone changes throughout history. This Alderdi Eder garden is well known for its geometry and its mixture of flowerbeds and flower gardens. Among its vegetation are the palm trees and tamarisks that impregnate this park with pink. Both trees are well known for their resistance to the wind and since they are located so close to our La Concha beach, it is very important that they have these characteristics.

Alderdi Eder Park Sculptures

This garden also has sculptures such as that of the writer Salaberría, or that of some lions. Even in the central part you can see a statue of a woman presiding over a pond, which adds spectacular beauty to the park.

San Sebastian Park

In this beautiful garden there are many types of flowers, beautiful palm trees and the centenarians “tamarices” (not tamarinds) that were brought by councilor Agapito Ponsol (son of the legendary Ponsol hat shop founder). The older ones are huge!

It is one of the most sought after photos by tourists in San Sebastian thanks to its scenic beauty and its extensive gardens.

What to see near Alderdi Eder

You can explore several nearby attractions, such as the old town, Concha Bay or the Miramar Palace.

If you head east from Alderdi Eder, you will reach the Old Town, with its narrow streets full of pintxos bars. Mount Igueldo, to the west, offers panoramic views from its viewpoint, accessible by funicular. While the San Sebastián Aquarium is an interesting visit to discover the local marine life and is located a few meters from the park.

The Alderdi Eder park is located at the beginning of La Concha beach, this is perfect for relaxing in the sun or taking a swim. A short distance from both is the Miramar Palace, which offers impressive architecture and beautiful gardens open to the public.

The New Promenade, which stretches along the coast from Alderdi Eder to the harbour, offers stunning views of the sea and rocks. Finally, if you walk west, you will reach the modern Kursaal Palace, an iconic conference center with contemporary architecture.

What hours does Alderdi Eder Park have?

The hours of the Alderdi-Eder Park in San Sebastián usually follow daylight hours and may vary depending on the season. It typically opens early in the morning and closes in the evening, with longer hours in summer and shorter hours in winter. It is recommended to check the exact schedule before visiting due to possible seasonal changes and special events.

Although the hours may vary, from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in summer and from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. in winter. But as we mentioned, everything will depend on the time of year in which this visit takes place.

These places make Alderdi Eder an ideal starting point to explore the beauty and culture of San Sebastián.

We all love them and we always pass next to them during our Free Walking Tour!